American Advertising Awards

District 8 American Advertising Awards

The nation's largest advertising competition. Each year the competition begins at the local level with the 210 AAF clubs across the country.

Entries must first be submitted in a local competition to be eligible for the American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) process. The local winners advance to one of the 14 regional district competitions, and District winners advance to the national finals. The American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) national judging is held in conjunction with the AAF National Conference.

Shannon Steffke is your District American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) Chair and Amy Henry is the National American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) Committee Representative for District 8. Please feel free to contact either of them with your American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) questions.

The District 8  American Advertising Awards were cancelled in 2020.  We hope to see everyone in 2021.

Check out the district winners below


Additional Resources

District 8 AAA Judging

When: March 13 & 14

Where: Sioux Falls, SD




District 8 ADDY Reception


When: Thursday, March 26th

Day Block Brewing Company

1105 South Washington Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55415

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