AAF National Membership Dues

Professional - $30 / member
Any club with 250 or more members pays a flat rate of $7,500.
Any student members of a professional club will pay the same amount as the professional.

Ad 2 - $22 / member
There are separate dues that an Ad 2 Club pays to the National Ad 2 – but these are billed separately from the AAF and District dues; this amount is $5 / member – payable to Ad 2.

AAF will collect an updated list of your members; generally an email will come with this request to the club leadership in the fall. You are encouraged to send updated lists with new member information as often as needed. Each club will be invoiced in December based the current number of members reported to AAF.

District 8 Membership Dues

Professional - $11/ member
Ad 2 - $10 / member

District 8 will contact club leaders in early December to obtain a membership number (this number should be your highest membership number from throughout the current year). You will be invoice in late December for your dues and they are due by the end of January.

*All clubs must have dues paid up and current with D8 and AAF in order to participate in the American Advertising Awards competition.